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Medium Voltage ANSI Standard fuses

ESS, EDS & EEAS Series are designed for the protection of distribution transformers. These fuses are Back up Current limiting and Oil Submersible fuses. These Fuse Series must be used in coordination with the low current protective Device typically Expulsion fuse link or Bay O Net fuse link. These series are designed to comply with ANSI/IEEE Standards. This series are used for the protection of Medium Voltage Distribution transformers.


Fuse Holders

ESWARI make fuse holders enable easy fuse installation and replacementwith our comprehensive line of fuse holders and fuse accessories for Medium Voltage fuses, Bay O Net Fuse link, Expulsion Fuse links and Customized fuse holder according to the customer requirements.


Air Break Switch

ESWARI make "POLY-DIS" Series Disconnectors are suitable for applications in Overhead Line Distribution Networks. These Disconnectors are designed to comply ANSI & IEC Standards. Rated Voltage: 12KV to 36KV, Rated Current: 1250A


Medium Voltage IEC Standard fuses

Medium Voltage Fuses are Current Limiting fuses used as protection devices in the medium voltage switchgear and equipments against over current and short circuits.ESWARI Fuses are used for protection of Power Distribution equipments such as Potential transformer, Distribution transformers and Motor application. MV Fuses equivalent to E-Rated and R-Rated fuses are manufactured in accordance with ANSI / IEC Standards.


Expulsion fuse cutouts

ESWARI make Expulsion Fuse Cutouts provides safe and reliable protection to the distribution networks. The cutouts are designed to offer excellent protection solutions against system overloads and short circuit fault currents. The unique design phenomenon is to enable rapid fault clearance at a faster time. Rated Voltage: 12 - 36kV, Rated Current: 100A/200A



EHV Isolators are manufactured in two variables such as Double BreakCenter Post Rotating Type and Center Break Type. The Isolators are available with both manual and motorized option. Rated Voltage: 12KV to 220KV, Rated Current: 2000A


Expulsion fuse links&Bay O Net Fuses

Bay O Net Type fuse (AFEXP Series) are categorized as Current Sensing, Dual Sensing & Dual Element Fuses.These fuses are used for the protection of distribution transformers and pad mounted type transformers. Expulsion or Bay O Net fuses are known as zero-waiting devices because they must wait for a natural current zero before they can interrupt the fault current/overcurrent.Expulsion Fuse Links can be applied to variety of applications requiring over current protection of Overhead distribution systems and equipment.


Surge Arrester

POLY-PRO Surge Arresters is a state of an art product using the most advanced silicon rubber technology for its Application in the Medium Voltage range.The Surge Arrester are manufactured in well defined quality management system and complies to all International Standards such asIEC & ANSI Standards. POLY-PRO Arresters are available from 3kV TO 36kV.



Autorecloser functions as a Pole Mounted Equipment for switching Overhead Power Distribution lines. The Equipment is fitted with a RTU to enable Local and Remote operation.

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